London escorts why are girls such bitches to each other

It’s not your fault that you hate girls, you were taught how to do this.In fact, everyone was taught this and what I’m talking about is the idea of competition. ever since you’re a little kid you learn about you know your test in school, your quizzes, are you as good at sports, as other kids are you as pretty as other kids, are you as popular as other kids says London escorts.

You learn that you fit in a certain rank amongst your peers, and then as you grew up it doesn’t go away girls in college you’re still ranting on their looks, and how smart they are, sports that’s all still there.

Once you go into the professional working world. it’s still a competition or whatever you know celebrities you’re constantly being ranked on their looks on their bodies on everything award shows there’s always a winner someone’s always the best.

You are taught this when you judge someone on first glance that’s not your fault either because that’s just how your brain workssays London escorts.

We judge each other everybody judges each other and the hatred aspect of it comes from our desire to compete. everybody wants to be the best so retirement girls they want to be the prettiest, they want to have the best body, they want to be the most popular the most friends, the best looking boyfriend.

If you see a girl that seemingly has all those things what do you do?really hate her,“fuck that bitch”. Because she’s reallysexy, hot, cute, and she has friends and everyone likes her, and her boyfriend’s really good looking, fuck you!

and then what happens all we want to do is see her crumble and fail, so that we can feel better when in reality all you really need to do is stop comparing yourself as soon as you let go the fact that you’re never going to be the prettiest, or the best or the best-looking, or the most popular or everyone likes you soon as you let go of just competing with people it takes all the pressure off then you’re free.You’re free to just be you, you don’t have to be better, and you just have to be you.

there’s always going to be other people to compare you to someone else, okay let them do that let them be the ones to be like this girl is prettier than this girl and I like this girl’s big titties more than this girl’s big titties they can do that all I want that’s their jump off other people’s job is to break you amongst other people.

your job is to be like hey the one thing that I got going for me is that there is only one of me unless there’s all there’s of me living in other dimensions but on this earth there’s only one of me and that is the best thing that I can offer the world just exactly who you are says London escorts.

and then when you act like that people are like hey that girl’s not threatening she’s awesome so we’re don’t even know what to think about that one oh what’s going on what I like I want to be friends with her.

Girls we all have it in us you got something in there that no one else has and if you just do that instead of what society telling you to do then we could all just feel like hey girl I was going dabs bitch what youwant to do today. this is a hard thing you’re going to deal with this your whole life, people comparing you and competing with you and whatever and the more you kind of just go out they’ll set this is my life and this is who I.

I guess in summary I would just say don’t be stopped competing with each other as much as possible then we go just please like be friends we do like borrow each other’s clothes and like hang out have slumber parties and eat popcorn together you know, quit judging each other and shit and even if she’s really pretty you’re really ugly or really whatever you think she’s probably just as insecure as you are she’s probably like “oh I’m jealous of that girl’s hair, legs or just anything not important” you’ll like “we’re all just seeking that acceptance from each other you know that validation”